About Hotel

Review the alternatives proposed by Club Alla Turca for you to enjoy the beauties of Dalyan and to have a wholly comfortable holiday.

Club Alla Turca is an ideal place for the ones who would love to have a first class holiday in the shade of magnificent Mountain View. Dalyan has a very unique geography that one can never see anywhere else in the world. You will most probably experience the most joyous holiday of your lifetime while enjoying the Mediterranean view on one side, the tracks of Carette Carettas and reed beds on the other side..

You will have the opportunity of reaching every part of Dalyan during your stay at Alla Turca. At Alla Turca, you will also find everything you are expecting from a joyous holiday. Special Turkish architectural style used for the inner sections of the hotel creates a distinguished atmosphere.

The most important characteristic of Club Alla Turca is that it offers the comfort of a home away from home with its spacious, comfortable and contented rooms.